Dachshund Gifts


Do you need to buy Dachshund Gifts …

…for a special someone who is a Dachshund lover? Maybe even you?

Dachshund owners are special people just like their Dachshund babies are a special breed.  Believe it or not, Dachshund gifts are plentiful to choose from, and there are a wide variety of choices – all specifically for the Dachshund or Dachshund owner. Here are a few examples of some  gifts…

One thing that I love is this beautiful Dachshund Patio Scene Floor Mat. A picture of a curious Dachshund on a patio is one of many perfect Dachshund gifts! I think we have all seen that look on our Dachshund’s faces. 🙂

Or perhaps this beautiful Dachshund Blooming Doxies Garden Flag will fulfill your craving for a few Dachshund gifts. The banner flag is made with a sewn in pole sleeve and is wide enough to fit your porch pole, and even RV and boat poles too.

Another nice Dachshund gift is a good book. There are many very good and informative books out there regarding Dachshund behavior, their health, feeding, grooming, training,  upbringing, and traits. Here’s what looks like a good book… Dachshunds: How to Understand and Take Care of Them (Barron’s Pet Owner’s Manual)

You may be thinking of getting something practical.  Among the many Dachshund gifts available, perhaps a nice set of ‘pup steps’ would be nice (especially given their tendency for back problems!) Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs Pup steps will allow the dachshund to be able to climb up onto the couch, bed, or a sofa chair by themselves without risking jumping.

I have found that my Dachshund always seems to need a new coat or sweater to keep warm. This Suede Shearling Coat – SM Camel might make that perfect gift! This one comes in all different sizes too as well as colors.

A proud owner of a loveable Dachshund may enjoy this piece of jewelry, Sterling Silver Dachshunds Dog Pendant, a quality exclusive sculptured charm design.

Other Dachshund gifts such as magnets, pens, shirts, signs, pillows, towels, frames, figurines, ornaments, and even salt-and-pepper shakers can be found here, just to name a few!

So, now you have no excuse not to buy those perfect Dachshund gifts !


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