It is important to know how to properly pick up any dog, but it is very important to know the correct way to pick up a mini Dachshund (so you don’t hurt him).

Any Dachshund owner knows that the Dachshund can have back problems because of their long spine and short legs. So every time you pick up your Dachshund remember that you don’t want to do anything that will twist or put unnatural stress on his back!

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Ideally, you should use two hands to pick up your mini Dachshund. Place one hand under his chest to support his chest and his front legs. Your other hand should be placed under his rear to support his loin and hind legs. This provides maximum support for his back. Then you simply lift.

You shouldn’t let your mini Dachshund ‘hang’ or ‘dangle’ from his front legs or chest. Let’s say you are seated and your mini Dachshund stands on his hind legs while resting his front legs on your chair, waiting for you to pick him up. Never reach under his front legs and lift him from under his shoulders. This places undue stress on his back. He will probably yelp!

You should move forward far enough so you can place both of your hands underneath the Dachshund to pick him up. Remember to always provide support for his back.

Likewise, you should never ‘drop’ him on the ground. Instead, always ‘place’ him there. Even though there may only be a few inches before his feet are on the ground, remember, to a little guy with short legs, a few inches is a long way!

Your Dachshund does not know that a fall from your arms could potentially be a serious back injury. So, like any other dog, he may get excited and start to squirm in your arms if something grabs his attention. Always be aware of this and hold your Dachshund securely. 

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