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Cozy Cave: The Best Pet Bed For My Dachshund


The best pet bed (dachshund bed) is a subjective thing, and a matter of opinion by the dachshund himself, but this ‘Cozy Cave’ (Cozy Cave Pet Bed) is now Sampson’s favorite bed to curl up inside!

If you have a dachshund in the house, you know how they absolutely love to curl up inside a nice warm place. They love to burrow underneath a blanket or other such warm and snugly place. And that’s why this pet bed is perfect.

We found this Cozy Cave bed online and couldn’t resist showing you how much Sampson loves it. Here are a few tips about this bed if you decide to get one for your own dachshund:


Even for a full size dachshund, it appears that the small size bed will be big enough (maybe the medium if he’s a big boy…).

The pictures shown here with Sampson (technically a 13 pound dachshund ‘tweenie’), leaves plenty of extra room inside. He prefers to stay near the front so he can watch what’s going on in the room.

Tip: I removed some of the stuffing from the bottom of the bed so it wouldn’t be quite so tall (thick). One reason I did this is because if a small dog burrows to the back of the bed, due to the tall height of the fluffy filler the bed might actually tip back at an angle instead of remaining flat on the floor.

To remedy this, you might choose to remove some filler, or put the bed up against a wall, a chair, etc… The filler cavity has a zipper which makes for easy access. I saved the extra filler in case I ever want to add it back (in case it compresses over time). It appears to be a polyester batting material.

Some of the features of this pet bed include,

Sherpa lining for warmth in winter and cool in summer
Removable washable/dryable cover
Luxury microsuede cover
Heavy duty brass zipper
Zippered liner

UPDATE: We’ve now had this Cozy Cave bed for years and Sampson still loves it! It has held up well!

Your dachshund will love this pet bed and will not be able to resist their urge to ‘nest’!

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