If your Dachshund has ‘separation anxiety’, here are some suggestions that may help.

Whether you have a Dachshund puppy or a Dachshund that is ‘new to you’ one way to stop separation anxiety is to train your Dachshund to be alone.

Just as you would potty train your puppy, starting right away with separation training will help to alleviate any anxiety your Dachshund may develop.


Practice Leaving Your Dog

Almost all of us have to leave our pets at home for varying periods of time (work, errands, etc..). Practice by starting with ‘short’ departures and gradually building up to longer periods. This will help them adjust to being alone and reduce separation anxiety.

Start with very short intervals of about one minute. Walk out of the door and just quietly stand there so your Dachshund thinks you have departed.

Then come back in (calmly). I suggest that you don’t interact with the dog as you re-enter during training. If he’s jumping at your leg or barking to get your attention, ignore it. Just be calm and go about doing something ‘normal’. Then repeat the drill.

Be Calm When Getting Ready To Leave

When we’re leaving the house (for whatever reason) we quietly and calmly collect our things (keys, etc..) rather than rush around hastily. We have found that if we remain calm, the dog tends to remain calm.

Downplay your Return

Just as important as being calm while you leave the house, it’s just as important to NOT dramatize your return.

While paying some attention upon arrival is okay, in my estimation if you overdo it – may lead to being over-anxious.

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