If you’ve ever wondered if your Dachshund can see color, the short answer is yes, but…
Dogs are red-green color blind. Dogs cannot see red and green colors like we can.

The colors that Dachshunds and other dogs can see are yellow and blue.

Dogs are also very good at seeing shades of gray (much better than we can).

Here’s a color-chart showing what colors dogs can see versus humans:


So, dogs do see in color, sort of, but have “two-color (dichromatic) vision”.

Dogs cannot distinguish between red, orange, yellow or green. Those colors mostly just like one shade of yellow to them.

Dogs can see various shades of blue and can differentiate closely between shades of grey – much better than humans (great for seeing in dim light conditions).

Technically, a dogs eye has two ‘cone’ types (light sensitive cells) rather than three that a human eye has.

On the left is the image that we would see. On the right is what the dog would see:



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