In my last post I talked about the traits that have been bred into the Dachshund. These traits combine with many loving traits inherent in the Dachshund that make them lovable, loyal companions.

For example, they were bred to be self-directed hunters. This self-directing trait makes them independent, but it also makes them resourceful and perhaps a bit mischievous.

To quote D. Caroline Coile, Ph. D. again,

“Yes, he’s a hunter at heart. But he’s also a lover. He adores draping his long body over your lap and snoozing away the evening. He’ll squirm over on his back and wriggle around, his way of asking for a belly rub.

He’ll cock his head at your questions and offer a paw when times are tough. He’ll wag his tail with whip like speed at the prospect of sharing a game or a walk or a ride in the car.

He’ll follow you from room to room, and poke his nose into whatever you’re working on. If you have a fun idea, he’s game! But come nighttime, he’s equally adept at snuggling close and sharing your bed.

He’ll make you laugh, at times he’ll make you grumble, but as long as he’s by your side, he’ll make you happy.”

I can tell you that these traits, as well as the traits in my last post, can all be found in my mini Dachshund, Sampson.

There is no mistaking when he wants to play. He’ll grab one of his toys in his mouth, wag his tail with amazing vigor and run back and forth.

Sampson is definitely a ‘snuggle bug’. And for no special reason, he’ll just ‘walk’ up your chest and put his head on your shoulder as if to say “I love you!”



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