Snow Can be a Potty Problem


A cute little episode happened this morning that reminded me that we don’t want to forget our furry ‘best’ friends in our preparedness plans.

This morning was the first time our Mini Dachshund, Sampson, had to go outside for his potty in accumulated snow. Since our move, he had one ‘dusting’ of snow to deal with, but no accumulation. Until now. I’m sure you all know that Dachshunds are not very high up off the ground, so this created a little bit of a problem for our Sampson.

After I put Sampson’s winter coat on him, Ken brought him outside and carried him down the stairs since they weren’t shoveled. He put the dog down and he sunk up to his belly. Ken said he tried to move but couldn’t as there was about 5 inches of snow. It was that heavy wet snow, not the dry fluffy stuff. So he picked Sampson up, came inside and told me what happened.

“I’ve got to go and shovel out a potty area for him” he said. And so he went. After a few moments he came and got Sampson. He brought him back outside and Sampson was much happier when he realized he didn’t sink, chest deep, in cold wet stuff. Potty success!

So, all you really need to do for these little guys/gals is shovel out a little area and a pathway to get there. They know what to do!

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