The Dachshund may seem mischievous and hard headed… and I suppose they really are, but in all actuality they are acting like they were bred to act. That’s only part of it though… not only is the Dachshund a hunter at heart, but he’s a lover, and will dole out countless tail wags, smother you with kisses and lay across your lap while snoozing away the evening.

Built into their DNA…

The Dachshund is very much self-minded. You are not his master, but instead he is your master (at least that’s how he see’s it).

The Dachshund will follow his nose. He is always on the lookout for new scents to follow and holes to investigate.

The Dachshund is self directed and will make his own decisions. He was bred to hunt and go after his prey without checking back with his master.

The Dachshund will not be swayed from his mission once on the trail. Even when you’re calling after him or chasing him.

The Dachshund can be tough and tenacious. He was bred to face off against the Badger.

The Dachshund can be an enthusiastic barker. Bred to dig down in holes and tunnels holding the Badger at bay, the dog needed to bark loudly, for a long time, so the hunters would know where he was.

The Dachshund can squeeze into tight spaces. That means tiny gaps in the fence…

The Dachshund is a problem solver. If you repair the fence, he will consider it a challenge to find another route.


Fear not though, the Dachshund WILL burrow their way deep into your heart, dig their heels in, and never let go.


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