February 4, 2011

~ mid morning

Hello to everyone, Dachshund and human alike, checking in on this sunny California morning.

It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable little mini Dachshund!

Last evening I was looking through one on my many Dachshund photo albums and I came across the pictures my Mommy took of me doing battle with a wild squirrel we encountered during one of our walks.  I must say, I do believe I saved her life. So today, I will tell you this Dachshund’s tale of my battle with the squirrel.

We were visiting Yosemite National Park this past summer.  We had a lovely suite in a lodge that had the Merced river flowing right past it in the back.  You could stand on the balcony and watch the river.


The River Walk

Mommy decided we should go for a walk along the river.  The walk was pretty enjoyable and uneventful.  We stopped and took some photos.  It was very calming and peaceful.  A peace that was about to be shattered.

OMG!  What’s that?  There, heading across the boulder that Mommy was just sitting on…..a squirrel!


The Attack!

I lunged with all my strength, barking like crazy, my adrenaline taking over.  The squirrel less than a foot away from me.  This mini Dachshund was ready to tear the squirrel to shreds when, “what’s this?”  Mommy pulled on my leash pulling me back to her.

In hindsight, I realize she was only trying to protect me.  And I love her for that.  But let’s face it, I am far better equipped to battle a squirrel than Mommy.  And after all, it is my Dachshund duty to protect her.

I kept barking as the squirrel was slowly retreating to the nearest bush. ” That’s right, you Dachshund ‘wanna be’ with your long body.  I’ve got news for you, no self respecting Dachshund would be seen with a bushy tail like that!”

The arrogant little thing stared right at me from the cover of the bush.  I barked again as he ran off.

That’s right, I saved the day and I saved my Mommy.  She was so grateful, she picked me up and smothered me with kisses!

The End of the Tale

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