February 6, 2011

~ late morning

Good Morning to all of fans, Dachshund and human alike, that are checking in today.

It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund!

This morning I noticed that my people were getting ready to outside.  I thought, surely they must be off their rockers!  After all, it is winter.  You see, this mini dachshund only likes to go outside in the spring and summer when it’s very warm. This way I can spend my days lounging on the chaise and working on my tan.  This is one mini Dachshund that loves to be warm!

When it is cold and rainy, I only go outside to go to the bathroom.  This mini Dachshund absolutely hates to go out when the weather is anything but perfect.

“What’s that?”  My people are calling me to go outside with them.  Oh, all right, I thought, I’ll go out and humor them for just a moment.

Spring is Here!

I ran outside and to my great surprise I could feel it…the sun!  I love feeling that warmth.  Why, the temperature was 78 degrees! I ran around the yard screaming, “Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here!”.

My people sensed my delight as I was running around the yard and they began to laugh.  My Mommy said, “What a beautiful day.” And Pop Pops replied, “Yeah, we better enjoy it while it’s here.”

I thought, what is he talking about?  Spring is here, isn’t it? What do I know, I’m just a mini dachshund.  So I decided I’d better heed their advice and enjoy the spring like day.


We all began to weed some of the yard.  I was sniffing around, finding just the right one to pull out, when there it was.  The Feline.

It was crouching on the top of the fence waiting for the right moment to breach the back yard.  “Not on my watch, you fluffy little thing!”  I ran towards it, barking and growling, as fiercely as any Dachshund could.

Needless to say, I had to spend the rest of the afternoon patrolling the fence line.  The feline kept coming back. After all, it is my Dachshund duty to protect my yard and my people.

And you will be pleased to know that the feline never did come in the yard!

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