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Monsters Steal Dachshund Blankets

April 11, 2011

~ evening

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the lovable mini Dachshund.

It has happened again, the monsters came.  And this mini Dachshund is at his wits end as to what to do about the situation. 

Let me start by saying that the monsters seem to invade on a weekly basis.

It was some time this morning after my nutritious and yummy Dachshund breakfast when I walked over to the couch, ready for my morning Dachshund nap. I positioned myself, ready to get on the couch, when I looked up and they were gone!

My entire nest of Dachshund blankets was gone! My blankies were gone! My blankets vanished when I was not looking.

‘This is it’, I thought. I’ve had it and I’m going to confront the ‘monsters’ and show them what this little mini Dachshund has in store for them. How dare they take my blankets again. All of the other times my blankets were taken, Mommy always managed to wrestle them from the mouth of one of the monsters.

I can’t take it anymore and I can no longer let Mommy put herself in danger. It is time for me to act!

I marched right into the room where the monsters are. Most of the time they are sleeping and they are no threat. It’s the days when the monsters do their blanket raids that are scary.

One monster was chewing my blankets and swishing them around in his mouth. Side to side, chewing, swishing, side to side. I gave him the meanest Dachshund growl I could muster. “Hand over my blankets you monster!” I demanded.

Nothing. The monster just kept chewing, swishing, side to side, completely ignoring me as if I wasn’t even there. ” I demand you give me back my blankets right now or I shall be forced to use my secret weapon!” I said. My secret weapon is my Mommy, I thought to myself.

The monster made a loud noise and starting rapidly spinning my blankets in circles in it’s gigantic mouth as if to show me it’s incredible power.  The noise really scared so I ran out of the room frantically looking for Mommy.

When I found her, she sat down with me, snuggling and soothing me while I told her the story of my blankets and the monsters.  “It’s all right Sampson. I am sure you will get your blankets back.” she said. As she stroked my head, I dozed off and dreamed of treats.

When I awoke, my blankets were still gone. I ran into the room just in time to see my blankets in the mouth of the second monster. Round and round in the monster’s mouth they went. Round and round. I stood my ground, watching and feeling helpless to do anything against these gigantic monsters.

A few seconds later Mommy came in and with no thought for her own safety, she pulled my blankets from the mouth of the second monster. Quickly we moved to the living room where Mommy put my nest of blankets on the couch.

Relieved I had my nest back, I fluffed and I circled. I dug and I fluffed. When my nest was just right, I settled down for a nap. I must admit that my blankets were nice and warm when they come out of the mouth of the second giant! Just perfect for a mini Dachshund to snuggle into dreamland.


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  1. My mommy lets these monster sleep in our house.I bark and bark and bark at them when they wake me up from my nap every day but the wont leave!

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