March 25, 2011

~ late afternoon

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund.

I wanted to tell you about this mini Dachshund’s visit to the park the other day. It was a grand Dachshund adventure!

I always thought I had a big yard, at least it seems that way through the eyes of a mini Dachshund. And, get this, Mommy says that the park we went to is small in comparison to many other parks. Well, it was absolutely gigantic to me!

When she said we were going to the park, I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ve never been to a park. You see, we have a good fenced yard I can run around in. Mommy said she thought I would be afraid because I’m kind of shy and skittish for a mini Dachshund. My Dachshund girlfriend Izzy told me about parks, so I was curious to check it out.

Well, when Mommy said we were going to the park, I got excited. We took my little human friend, Trenton, with us. I was sporting my nice red Dachshund harness and I had my leash on.

When we got to the park, Trenton ran over to the play place and Mommy put me down and let go of my leash. I was so excited. We were the only ones there! And it was so big! At least it was to my little Dachshund eyes.

I was so overwhelmed. I started walking around on the grass, the smells intoxicating me. Hmmm….fresh cut grass….*sniff*….flowers…*sniff*…by the tree on the left….yup, a golden retriever was here…*sniff*…wait….SQUIRREL! Oh, he’s been gone a while though.

“Sampson”. Someone called me. It was Mommy. She was at the park play place with Trenton. She seemed so far away. I ran….”wait for me Mommy, wait for me!” She gave me big hugs and kisses when I reached her.

I promptly began to sniff and patrol the perimeter of the play place. So many smells….*sniff*…German Shepherd…*sniff*…older dog…*sniff*…male…*sniff*…Eewww!….cat! Wow this park sure does get a lot of activity.

Then I went on something called a fire engine with Trenton. He seemed to be having a great time pretending he was driving and ringing the bell. Personally, I wanted to go back to the perimeter. Then Mommy came on the fire engine. She and Trenton were pretending they were putting out a fire, so I pretended I was a Dalmatian. We had so much fun!

I checked out the sandbox. That was pretty cool. Then all three of us ran down the hill through the grass…Yippee! It was so much fun, running and laughing and running and laughing!

When we got to the bottom of the hill, we all stopped to catch our breath. I turned to look at Trenton and guess what?……he was climbing up the rock steps to the top of another play area. I decided to follow suit. After a brief rest we all headed back to the car. I know we will be back at the park soon.


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