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The Mini Dachshund and The Bath


April 19, 2011

~ morning

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the mini Dachshund.

This morning started out as usual for a mini Dachshund Monday morning.  I had my usual mini Dachshund Monday morning battle with the monster truck. Mommy and I were triumphant once again!

Trenton, the little human, came over for the day. After his breakfast, Mommy put him in the tub for his bath. He likes to play in the tub with his toys, and after his bath, he smells clean and is dressed and ready for the day with me, his mini Dachshund buddy.

Afterwards, we sat down to watch TV when I heard ‘<em>the sound</em>’. Mommy was filling the tub with bath water again. Maybe she is going to take bath? If she is, that would be completely out of her routine… Oh, here she comes…”Mommy”, I called to her, wagging my Dachshund tail. I thought maybe she would pet me and give me kisses.

What’s this? She’s opening up ‘my’ mini Dachshund cupboard. ‘Yeah, we’re going for a walk, we’re going for a walk, she’s getting my leash, and we’re going for a walk!’ But then… I thought. ‘OH NO!!!’ She didn’t get my leash, she just took out the bottle of ‘Doggie Shampoo’! Quick, hide!

Hide, I had to hide, the bath is for me! I don’t like getting a bath. Mommy puts me in the water and I get all wet. I am trapped, the walls are too high, I can’t climb out. Then she always puts the stinky stuff on me. She calls it shampoo…phew! That’s what this mini Dachshund thinks!

As if that’s not bad enough, then she rubs it in, making sure the stinky stuff shampoo gets all over my beautiful Dachshund fur coat. Then it’s time for the water again. Aahhh! I must admit that I do feel kind of tingling and clean after the shampoo is off.

I guess this is the way I get to be the shiny and clean smelling Sampson, the mini Dachshund. After all, I must look my best for the Puparazzi!


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  1. I bet you smelled WONDERFUL after your bath. Your mommy is going to have to make a new video of you.


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