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Sampson, the mini Dachshund, Tries New Dog Food From Sojos


Well, Sampson’s new dog food arrived this past weekend.

His Dachshund girlfriend, Izzy, had highly recommended this dog food from Sojos. Although we were already feeding our Dachshund, Sampson, special dog food formulated just for Dachshund’s, we thought we would try a bag from Sojos. Izzy says she just loves it and licks her bowl clean of her Sojos food at every meal!

Sojos, or Sojourner Farms, is a family owned and operated business since 1985. Sojos makes batches of homemade all natural dog food every week. There are no preservatives or additives, it’s all natural. Each bag of food comes with a ‘born on’ date, so you’ll know it’s fresh.

Sojos dog food is dehydrated

Sojos makes more than one type of dog food mix such as beef, turkey, veggies-only, etc. Each dog food mix contains a medley of dehydrated vegetables which you just need to soak in some water to rehydrate. The re-hydrating process makes it easier for your little Dachshund’s digestive system. I know Sampson loved it!

Sojos dog food types

Sojos ‘Original’ Dog Food Mix comes with just veggies and was designed for you to mix in your own raw meat (or not) that you buy at the store. If the thought of serving your little Dachshund raw meat doesn’t sit well with you, then by all means, feel free to cook your own meat before you add it to the Sojos ‘Original’ Mix.

Sojos promotes mixing raw meat in with their ‘Original’ Dog Food Mix. Raw meat?!?…you might say. Well, think about it…your Dachshund’s (and all dogs) digestive system is designed to handle raw meat. Do you see animals at the zoo eating cooked meat? The Sojo ‘Complete’ mix comes with either dehydrated raw beef pieces or dehydrated raw turkey pieces with the veggies.

Sojos dog food shelf life

Because Sojos dog food mixes are dehydrated, they have a shelf life of a year. All you need to do is add water to rehydrate the food before you feed it to your Dachshund.

Sojos dog food cost effectiveness

Yes, at first glance, you may think it’s more expensive than other brands of dog food you buy for your Dachshund. But here are some things to remember. The food is dehydrated, so it has less weight and takes up less space than food you would buy in the store.

For example, a two pound bag of Sojos, after re-hydration, will make approximately five pounds of meals for your Dachshund to eat.

Shipping is also free on all food orders. Not only that, but you are giving your Dachshund fresh, wholesome and natural food. That alone should potentially save him a trip or two to the vet!

Have a look for yourself!
sojos - real food for dogs

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  1. Every pup should eat Sojo’s because it is the best tasting puppy food out there! Thanks Sampson’s Mommy for buying this for him and making his tummy as happy as mine! 🙂

  2. Izzy and Sampson,
    you guys rock. how lucky you are getting that sojos stuff’. My Mom says i eat too much ( and just about everything including random yard decorations)…so no additional nutrients needed…

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