Do All Dachshund’s Have Bad Backs?

Back problems are without a doubt the number-one health problem of the Dachshund.

Unfortunately, 25% of all Dachshund’s will develop a ‘bad back’ – or back problems in their lifetime.

Here’s why, and here’s what you can do:

A Dachshund that gets back problems does not get a bad back because of their long body.

It’s not because they’re long. It’s caused by a hereditary gene that causes the Dachshund’s short legs. It’s a type of dwarfism. In addition to causing short legs, it also causes the gel in their cushioning disks between their vertebra to become calcified and hard. The disks lose their elasticity and lessens their ability as a shock absorber – and more prone to injury.

The best way to avoid it to begin with is to research the heredity of the Dachshund before your acquisition – to discover if there is any history of back problems (called IVDD – Intervertebral Disk Disease).

Don’t let your Dachshund get fat! This will greatly exacerbate the problem should it occur.

Many people discourage their Dachshund from jumping on and off furniture, or going up and down stairs. The worse thing for their disks is any ‘twisting’ motion – not so much the up and down…

I’ve read that one additional good idea is to crate train your Dachshund, so that if he ever has a problem that requires bed rest, you won’t have a problem confining him…

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