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Dog Ramp For A Couch Dachshund

I spent some time looking for the best quality dog ramp for our couch. One that is adjustable. Sturdy so that I could trust it, and it wouldn’t wobble when being used. Not plastic. A dog ramp with a climbing surface easily gripped by the dog’s paws. And, a dog ramp that looks good since it’s in our living room for the couch. Really, it’s a furniture piece…

You can see the dog ramp that I chose pictured above and below. Perfect for our couch Dachshund!

There are lots of them out there. However, after some research and reviews, I found the perfect dog ramp for our dachshund to get up on the couch – SAFELY – so he wouldn’t jump up (Dachshund’s are prone to disc injury).

This dog ramp is worth the money

Yes, it cost more than many others, but it was well worth it! And best of all, it’s made here in North America of solid hardwood… by someone we’ve followed for a long time (on YouTube). We didn’t realize it till after we bought it, but this dog ramp was originally designed for “Crusoe” the celebrity dachshund. How cool is that? We’re so happy to support their efforts.

So, let me tell you about this excellent dog ramp!

Why we got a dog ramp for the couch

Sampson has been using it for about a year so far. First of all, this will also be fine for other dogs too. But as you likely know, it’s especially important for the dachshund breed, prone to back problems. They really shouldn’t be allowed to jump, or even run up and down stairs. All it takes is once, and they could become badly injured.

Anyway, we’ve been guilty of allowing our ‘Sampson’ to jump up on the couch. But he’s getting older, and we know it’s important. I would feel terrible if something were to happen that we could have prevented.

So, his primary snuggle spot during the day is on the couch. And we bought this dog ramp as a couch ramp. It’s perfect!

I’ll tell you WHY I like it so much in a minute. And how we got him to start using it (it didn’t take too long).

First, here it is. They make it in 5 colors. Again, it’s all hardwood. Looks great. Very sturdy. Nice padded ramp.

Doggo Ramps
(from their storefront on amzn)

How-to get your Dachshund to use the dog ramp

Below is a picture sequence of our mini Dachshund, Sampson, going up the dog ramp onto the couch. The photo was taken during his first week of getting used to it.

At first, he was timid. The instructions that came with the ramp really helped.

Never force the dog up the ramp! Instead, use doggie treats (or whatever treat your dog likes). Place them on the ramp, spaced apart – all the way up.

At first, Sampson would gobble up the treats at the bottom. But wouldn’t go further (he’s got a timid personality anyway). What eventually worked for us… I would hold a yummy treat in my hand at the bottom of the ramp. Then as he came for it, I would hold the treat further up the ramp. He would come up a ways, then stop. I would give him the treat and praise him for it. Then do it again. Eventually he got all the way up on the couch. Some repetition for several days got him used to it.

Then he would kind of jump up the ramp instead of just walking/trotting up (shown below). But it wasn’t too long and he became confident with it. Now, he just trots up. No problem.

Oh, another thing… We have our ramp facing straight out (perpendicular). Some people put it sideways (parallel) to the couch. This depends on your room setup of course. Just pointing that out…

Dog Ramp Features

As you can see, I have the height of the dog ramp adjusted about six inches below the surface of the couch. This allows for a less steep ramp incline, and seems to work best.

The ramp is adjustable to 14″, 16″, 18″, and 21″ height with a convenient landing platform at the top (see picture above). Mine is set to 16 inches.

Ramp folds down flat to just 3″ high for easy storage/transportation. This is a nice feature! We take this with us when we travel in our 5th-wheel, it’s easy to pack.

It has what they call a PAWGRIP SURFACE. Their unique one-of-a-kind surface material gives excellent traction. I like it better than carpet. More grip.

There was no assembly required. It was already put together.

The dimensions are 14″ wide, 35″ long, 15lbs total weight. It holds dogs up to 150 pounds!

Oh, there are rubber stoppers to place on underside of legs for slippery/hard floors. We didn’t need them since we have carpet. But it’s included.

Here’s a picture of it in our 5th-wheel in front of the couch:

Finally a dog ramp that actually looks GOOD and matches your FURNITURE!

Jumping on and off furniture can be dangerous, especially for those small breeds or dogs with long backs like dachshunds who are susceptible to spinal injuries.

A ramp is just a safer, more convenient way up and down – so why not give our dogs that prevention? But in creating a safer environment for your pets, you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your living room, either!

~ doggo ramps

They also have dog ramps for beds too. You can check out their storefront if you’re interested:

DoggoRamps Storefront

And lastly, here’s Sampson’s other favorite spot in the 5th-wheel… My recliner! But as you can see, I leave the foot rest portion of the recliner partially extended so he can get up and down easily…

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