DRNA, Dachshund Rescue


Are you thinking about getting a Dachshund? Why not rescue a Dachshund who’s only crime was not coming from a loving home? There are many reputable independent rescuers throughout the country.

I fact, many of these experienced, independent rescue people, got together to form a network throughout the United States and Canada called the DRNA or Dachshund Rescue of North America. They are a non-profit group that relies solely on the generosity of donations to rescue and place Dachshunds.

The DRNA has one goal and that is to rescue, rehabilitate and find ‘forever’ homes for Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes. Last year alone they placed 1009 dogs!

Most of their Dachshunds spend some time in foster care, where their behaviors can be evaluated in a home setting. The foster parents can provide good nutrition, a safe haven and an understanding snuggle. They will learn how the Dachshund interacts with people, children, other pets etc. and can provide this information to potential adopters.

All Dachshunds that are placed by the DRNA have been seen and treated by a veterinarian. They will have been spayed/neutered. They will be up to date on rabies vaccine, heart-worm test and DHPPC vaccine.  The vet costs, on average, are $296 per dog. Again, the DRNA relies strictly on your donations.

The DRNA believes that there is a good and loving forever home for every Dachshund. They make it their goal to match each dog with a great home.

If you would like to donate, adopt or foster please check out the DRNA at www.drna.org.

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