Volunteer and Donate to Help Animals


April is Prevent Animal Cruelty Month. What can you do to help?

Volunteer and Donate!

If everyone donated a little, be it a little time or a little money, think of the impact we could make.

Donate to a humane society or animal rescue group or shelter. They do need financial support to provide medical care, food and shelter to abused animals. Every dollar helps! It really does. 😀

Many of these organizations have local chapters or facilities, so if you feel so inclined, you can also volunteer. This doesn’t mean giving up a whole day. Just a few hours a week holding and petting animals can help to build up their trust, making them more social, thus increasing their chances for adoption.

Perhaps you can’t commit to a set schedule but you would like to help on your own schedule, what can you do? Well, do you sew or crochet or knit? Rescues, shelters and even veterinary offices can almost always use blankets. The monetary donations these places receive usually go to the cost of medical care and food. These ‘creature’ comforts like blankets, toys etc. are usually last on their lists.

Check with your local shelter or veterinary office. They almost always have a ‘wish’ list. Perhaps you can bring your newspaper to them every week to line the bottoms of cages. Do they need cat litter? toys? leashes? some new mops and buckets? food and water bowls?  These are items you can buy on your next trip to the grocery store and deliver to them in person.

Give them a quick call and find out what is on their wish list. Sometimes it is more rewarding to see what your money has bought to help them. And while you are there delivering some items on their wish list, stop in and visit our furry friends. Give them a pet and a nice word and watch their eyes light up!

And see, you thought you didn’t have time! 😀 Perhaps dog walking is more your ‘thing’? Maybe you can even assist in placing orphaned babies with new loving families by posting flyers, making phone calls etc.

What’s another way to volunteer? How about your elderly neighbors? Many of them are on fixed incomes and struggling to make ends meet. Buying them some pet food once a month can go a long way toward keeping a lonely elderly person with their only companion. Or maybe they have a lot of difficulty walking due to a medical condition. Offering to walk their dog can go a long way toward seeing the eyes of a senior citizen and their canine companion light up! Your help may prevent a dog or cat from being turned over to a shelter because their owner can no afford to care for them.

Remember, a little can go a long (as in Dachshund long!) way! Spread your love!

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