DACHSHUND: Did You Know…

A few historical facts about the Dachshund breed…

The Dachshund was developed in Germany more than 300 years ago to hunt badgers.

German word for badger: Dachs
German word for dog: Hund

Here are a few more…

From 1930 to 1940, Dachshunds advanced from 28th to sixth rank among American registrations, and maintained this average rank through World War II by constructive public relations.

Dachshunds are bred with three coat varieties: (1) Smooth, (2) Long, and (3) Wirehaired, and is shown in two sizes: standard and miniature.

Dachshunds are accomplished hunting dogs despite their lapdog reputations.

In the postwar years, to avoid associations with Germany, the Dachshund’s name was temporarily translated to “badger dog.”

…now you know 🙂

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