The Cozy Cave Bed

The Cozy Cave Bed – Perfect For Dogs To Nest, Burrow, and Snooze

The Cozy Cave Bed is perfect for dogs who have to nest, burrow and snooze. The soft Sherpa fabric inside makes the bed extra cozy and the machine-washable cover makes it easy to clean. The added orthopedic foam and polyester batting will ensure that your senior dog will be extra comfy and appreciative.

Sampson, our mini Dachshund, has had the Cozy Cave Bed for years. It’s one of his favorite pet beds for sure.

The Cozy Cave Bed (made by Snoozer) is definitely one of Sampson’s favorite beds to curl up inside.

If you have a dachshund in the house, you know how they absolutely love to curl up inside or burrow underneath a nice warm place. They love burrowing under a blanket or other such warm and snugly place.

And that’s why this pet bed is perfect for that.

We found this pet bed online and couldn’t resist showing you how much our Dachshund loves it.

Luxury Cozy Cave Bed
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Cozy Cave Dachshund bed

The Cozy Cave Bed appeals to their natural instincts

LIKE A HUG FOR YOUR DOG! Is your dog a cuddler? A burrower? The Cozy Cave dog bed is just what you’re looking for!

The hooded dog bed design lets your dog snooze between layers of soft Sherpa lining for enveloped comfort and coziness.

Made to appeal to a dog’s natural instincts for burrowing, the Cozy Cave is the best dog bed for dogs who love sleeping under blankets.

The Cozy Cave gives them a place to relax with a feeling of safety and security for less anxiety and more restful sleep.

~ manufacturer description

Cozy Cave Small Size Pet Bed For Our Mini Dachshund

We bought the “small” size. It’s perfect for a mini Dachshund. He’s about 14 pounds (just to give you a reference for the picture). Plenty of room in the bed.

TIP: I pulled out some of the stuffing material (it’s easy / zippered). Why? It reduced the height a bit, and made it easier for our mini to go in and be comfortable with it.

The small size dimensions are 25” diameter, and a 4” sidewall. The hood opening is approximately 8”.

There’s a thin plastic tube in the hood opening lining (removable) that keeps the hood open for easy entry or exit. It can be removed through the small hole at the corner of the hood.

There are bigger Cozy Cave bed sizes too.

This dog bed is hooded. Perfect for the dachshund’s natural instincts for burrowing.

The design lets your dog snooze (they love to do that!) between layers of Sherpa (nice and soft) lining. I guess that’s why they call it a “luxury” dog bed :=)

It’s the best dog bed for dogs who love sleeping under blankets! That feeling of safety and security for less anxiety. Better sleep.

The dog bed has removable covers. Zippered. Machine washable.

We have had this Cozy Cave dog bed for several years. Sampson still loves it! It has held up very well!

Your dachshund will love this pet bed!

About Snoozer:

“If you love your dog and treat them like family, then you’re dog people just like us. We established Snoozer in Greenville, SC in 1985. Today it is still family owned and operated. The majority of our products are sewn and assembled by hand here in the USA. We consider how dogs behave; we watch how they age. And we manufacture stylish, long-lasting dog beds, car seats, carriers, and other pet products that both you and your pet will love.


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