Dachshund Loves Hide and Seek Game


Since we have had several large dogs in the past, we have learned that having a Dachshund means a completely different set of games to play and rules to follow.

Our mini Dachshund, Sampson, enjoys the game of hide and seek.  This game is so easy to play, especially with a mini Dachshund. Hide and seek requires no purchasing of canine toys on your part. Hide and seek is a ‘free’ game that will supply hours of play for your mini Dachshund. Here’s why.

Being bred as a hunting dog, or a pack animal, Dachshunds are naturally little ‘thieves’. Anything left unguarded presents itself as an opportunity to become the property of your Dachshund. These ‘opportunities’ can be anything ranging food to socks or slippers.

I remember one time, as a puppy about six months old, Sampson decided he needed a pair of my jeans as part of his ‘nest’. He managed to drag them about three quarters of the way into his crate!

Dachshunds also love to play hide and seek because they are hunting dogs. Their sense of smell is their best sensory talent. Generally  speaking a dog’s sense of smell is four times greater than that of a human. Hunting dogs, including Dachshunds, having an even greater sense of smell.

To put things in perspective, a human has 5 million scent receptors and a Dachshund has 125 million scent receptors! This is why the Dachshund is a natural at hide and seek.

Hiding your Dachshund’s toys is a great game of hide and seek to play with him/her. Sampson’s Daddy loves to take his rope ball and hide it in one of his hands. Holding up both of his hands, he then asks Sampson, “Where’s the ball?” Sampson always sniffs out the correct hand.

Burying a toy in his nest is a great game of hide and seek. It allows him to use his sense of smell to sniff out the location of the toy. Then he will use one of his other hunting talents and ‘dig’ through his nest of blankets to get the toy.

We have discovered that your hand works just as well. Hiding your hand in his nest, move it around under his blankets, providing him the challenge of sniffing out the moving target.

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