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Dachshund Toys and Games

It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund.

Yesterday my Mommy discussed the various ‘petite’ toys for your mini Dachshund that you can purchase at your local pet stores or online.

Well, I can tell you, don’t be surprised if your mini Dachshund prefers to make his/her own toys. And don’t be surprised if these homemade toys might be things you would never have thought of as ‘toys’.


Sock – My Favorite Game

My favorite all time Dachshund game to play with my people has got to be ‘sock’.  I love to play this game with my people.

Being a ‘hound’ bred to burrow for badgers and other small animals, Dachshunds love ‘scent’.  Especially the scent of my people.  When they go away to work or to do some errands, I love to have at least one of their socks in my nest.  This way, I have something to snuggle with and the scent reminds me of my Mommy and Pop Pops, so I am not so lonely.

Whenever I see a sock on the floor, I pick it up in my mouth, prance over to them, and give them ‘the look.’  The ‘look’ is when I have mischief in my eyes, I am ready to take off and my posture is saying to them, ‘come and chase me, I have your sock’!

They will chase me and sometimes I will let them have the sock so they will throw it and I can fetch it, oh, it is such fun!

I think what I love the best is when Pop Pops ‘folds’ the sock. It fits better in my mouth and I can nudge it off of the couch and make my people pick it up. Then I will nudge it off again and they pick it up again. Oh, I can play that game for hours!


Grab and Run

You can play this game with the giants or the little humans. The premise is simple. One of them drops something on the floor. Obviously, if it’s edible you run over and eat it. If it’s not, then you run over, grab it in your mouth and run!  You can make them chase you all over the place.

One time I grabbed the binky that the little human had dropped and next thing you know, they were chasing me like crazy. Then the paparazzi were everywhere taking pictures.  Now that was fun!


Little Humans

Generally speaking, the little humans themselves, can make excellent Dachshund toys. Because they are not so high up, you can jump up on them and often times take food right as they are putting in their mouths!  Not too mention it’s easy to lick their faces and there are almost always food remnants on their faces…yum!

Unlike the giants, they will chase you until they fall down from exhaustion. One time, I even talked one of them into crawling into my crate…such fun!

So, to all you mini Dachshunds out there, I encourage you to be creative.  There are plenty of toys in your mini Dachshund home!

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