Store Bought Toys for the Mini Dachshund


Watching my mini Dachshund, Sampson, play his favorite game yesterday reminded me that toys for little dogs are a category all their own.

Store bought toys for small dogs

Bearing in mind that small dogs also have small paws and mouths, you should choose toys that are ‘size appropriate.’  Although my mini Dachshund, Sampson, can pick up a regular size tennis ball, he prefers the smaller tennis balls made just for little dogs.

Don’t forget that along with being able to hold a toy in their mouth, a little dog must also be able to ‘hold’ and manipulate a toy with their small paws.

Most of your basic dog toys are made in smaller sizes for our physically small, yet ‘big of heart’ Dachshund (and other) breeds.

Tennis Ball for the mini Dachshund

The regular tennis ball has a circumference of 10 inches, but the smaller tennis ball has a circumference of 6 inches.  It is much better suited as a toy for the smaller mouths of mini Dachshunds and other little dogs. Pet stores usually have packets of these tennis balls.

In addition to ‘playing ball’, you will discover that your little Dachshund loves to chew and pick at the fuzz that surrounds the ball (especially when they are puppies). Keep an eye on the condition of the ball because when they really want to, they can rip the skin of the ball into pieces, sometimes quicker than you think. You don’t want them to eat it 🙂

Ropes for the mini Dachshund

You can find small chew ropes of all sizes and shapes in the store. Your mini Dachshund, especially when they are puppies, will love to pull and pick at the shreds of yarn that make up the rope. Eventually the rope will begin to look like a pom pom and the dog will likely begin to eat the fibers.

When the rope gets too shredded, you should throw away the rope and buy a new one (you don’t want the dog ingesting the fibers). Don’t let him see you throw it out though, he’ll be mad!

Sampson happens to like the softer ‘yarn’ types of rope rather than the harder fiber types.

Bones for the mini Dachshund

Again, obviously the smaller and easier to handle toy bones are the best. Endless varieties and shapes are available.

Caution is advised when buying ‘real’ bones or rawhide bones… the little dog may choke if they tear off a big piece. We almost found out the hard way with Sampson who one day quickly chewed off big pieces of a rawhide bone (faster than we thought possible), but we quickly snatched up the pieces and didn’t buy anymore of that type.

Just like human children

One thing we have learned is that your little dog may not play with every toy you buy him/her.  Just like human children, they too, will pick their favorites.  And just like human children, after awhile, they too, may get bored with their favorite toy and never play with it again.

It’s funny how often we have bought a toy that we thought Sampson would love, but in fact he snubbed it!

So, be patient. If your Dachshund dog doesn’t like a particular toy you just bought, try a different ‘type’ of toy instead.  If you just bought him a bone, and he doesn’t want to touch it, try a rope etc.

Remember, the most important thing is to play with your dog and you’ll both have fun!

Dachshunds love to play (but on their schedule).

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