Where’s A Dachshund To Potty With All This Snow?

Sampson is slowly starting to get used to the snow, being a California Dachshund who has moved to New England…

But… where to potty when there is snow on the ground?

Well it’s quite simple actually (except maybe for the Dachshunds daddy or mommy), just shovel out an area to go potty!

Here’s the thing… when we first shoveled out an area, not only was he confused about it (like… where did my yard go!), but he wanted to see grass before he was ready to potty.

He started to paw into the snow trying to uncover the blades of grass. So, I shoveled a little deeper to expose the top surface of grass, and then everything was fine…

Ahhhhh…. relief….

image credit: Rupert Fawcett (Off The Leash)

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  1. After 47 years of doxies, I am thoroughly convinced of their intelligence and cleverness. They await the paths to be shoveled, and sometimes follow parade-style right behind their servant who is shoveling, in search of their favorite (now covered) spots! Of course, once one or two TCB, the others are attracted to that “yellow” area, LOL! We currently have six rescued/adopted doxies, ages 7 to almost 13 yrs. The four longhairs LOVE the snow, and one male plays out there even during blizzards, like yesterday (photos posted on FB). Actually, most seem to prefer snow to rain – many don’t like puddles, for some reason…. We haven’t updated our blog recently due to a devastating loss in our family but there are stories about my furry angels at .
    Doxies are very very adaptable, long as they have love and full, warm bellies….

  2. Looking for some advice……

    My partner and I have 2 mini dachshunds that we have had since they were 6 weeks old. Vinny is a year and a half and Stella just turned 1 in October. They integrated well and it took about a week for them to get used to one another. They are both crate trained and we struggled with some potty training issues but they have improved over the last six months.Vinny never used to bark and was very friendly he has never shown any sign of aggression. We used to take him everywhere we could but since having another dog, it is hard for one of us to take 2 dogs at a time. Stella has always been the more aggressive one. She will take his toys and hide them. She is very vocal and barks at just about everything. He has taken up her habit of barking as well. Recently we have been having some struggles with behavior issues.

    1. They have severe separation anxiety. We could walk out of the room or go out to grab something out of our cars and they cry, bark, and sometimes shake. It is so bad that when we walk back in you would have thought we left for 6 days. We have never left them for more than 2 days at a time and they stay with my mom. I have never kenneled them. Any tips would help tremendously!

    2. Recently, we have had a couple social events due to the holidays. Vinny the less aggressive one has bit 2 people. They have never ever bit anyone including us and they do not play bite with us. We never engage in aggressive play. The first time it was with a friend that he has never been around and the second time was with my grandma on Christmas when I was holding him. Both times the person was trying to get kisses from him. This never used to be a problem with him. He used to be friendly and docile with everyone he met. I am worried and I am not sure what to do. We are shocked that this has even happened. What can we do to correct this issue or understand what is going on?

    3. Their barking is not improving. We understand that they are vocal and inherently aggressive but it seems that they bark more and more. Whenever they see my partners sister they bark incessantly at her. She lives with us and they are always around her. When she walks into the house or into our room they lose it. When people who they have met before come over it seems like they bark for 5-10 minutes after. They also bark any time there is loud laughter or clapping. They also weasel their way in between us any time we hug or kiss one another. It is getting out of hand. We don’t mind that they bark because they are dogs that is how they communicate but it has been increasing over time. We have tried a spray bottle which has helped some but doesn’t seem to do the trick. What are some ways to correct the barking and territorial behavior?

    Any advice would be helpful….


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