Dachshunds have some unique behaviors to their breed. But what do they mean? I’ll start by saying that many of these behaviors can be traced back to the fact that Dachshunds were bred to be hunting pack dogs.


Dachshunds Love to Lick Your Face

Why do Dachshunds love to lick your face? In an earlier post, Why do Dachshunds Love to Lick Your Face, you can read in more detail why they do, in fact, love to lick your face.

To sum it up though, Dachshunds love to lick your face partly because they may be looking for food scraps. Another reason is acknowledging you as a pack leader.

They see you as the pack leader, the alpha dog, returning from the hunt. So, basically, they want to see what you caught during your hunt. Your Dachshund is simply doing what he was bred to do. It’s in their genes.  Although, I think we all like to think of them as ‘kisses’!

Dachshunds (Barron’s Dog Breeds)


Dachshunds Are Led By Their Nose!

Every time I let my dachshund outside to do ‘potty’ or to go on a walk, he smells and noses around with his nose to the ground. I pretty much have to ‘remind’ and ‘redirect’ him that he’s out there to do potty (not to smell every single blade of grass!). Why does he do this?

This is completely normal behavior for a Dachshund. His/her ‘hunter’ instinct has just been activated. Outside, in his yard, he automatically will start to search and sniff around his territory.

Often times all they need a little redirection when their nose takes over!

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Dachshunds Lift A Front Paw

Sometimes when my Dachshund is outside, I notice he will stop in his tracks, lift up his front paw and just stand there. Why does he do this?

Once again, the Dachshund is displaying normal behavior. His hunter instinct has kicked in again.

When your Dachshund lifts his front paw and stands still, he is pointing. It is his way of notifying you as if to say, ‘I see something over there, ( it could be a potential badger! (the animal they were bred to hunt) )’

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