Dachshunds, More Specific Traits


In my last post I talked about the traits that have been bred into the Dachshund. These traits combine with many loving traits inherent in the Dachshund that make them lovable, loyal companions.

For example, they were bred to be self-directed hunters. This self-directing trait makes them independent, but it also makes them resourceful and perhaps a bit mischievous.

To quote D. Caroline Coile, Ph. D. again,

“Yes, he’s a hunter at heart. But he’s also a lover. He adores draping his long body over your lap and snoozing away the evening. He’ll squirm over on his back and wriggle around, his way of asking for a belly rub.

He’ll cock his head at your questions and offer a paw when times are tough. He’ll wag his tail with whip like speed at the prospect of sharing a game or a walk or a ride in the car.

He’ll follow you from room to room, and poke his nose into whatever you’re working on. If you have a fun idea, he’s game! But come nighttime, he’s equally adept at snuggling close and sharing your bed.

He’ll make you laugh, at times he’ll make you grumble, but as long as he’s by your side, he’ll make you happy.”

I can tell you that these traits, as well as the traits in my last post, can all be found in my mini Dachshund, Sampson.

There is no mistaking when he wants to play. He’ll grab one of his toys in his mouth, wag his tail with amazing vigor and run back and forth.

Sampson is definitely a ‘snuggle bug’. And for no special reason, he’ll just ‘walk’ up your chest and put his head on your shoulder as if to say “I love you!”



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  1. My mini daschund always wants to put her face against my cheek and just stay there…watching tv or just lying in bed she will crawl up and just lay her face against mine. Cute but curious to why she insists on being face to face

      1. My year and half dashaund loves to lay his face on my cheek while I am watching tv or when I try to read my emails. Sometimes I think he wants more attention. But that’s ok he is very loving. Both my dachshunds love to snuggle side by side all day long. Just so full of love <3. Louie and Buddy

      1. My little man Bosco , a Mini Dauchs , does the same & if I don’t pay attention to him quick enough he talks to me as if to say , Hey, over here with that hand ! It is HYSTERICAL ! If I don’t respond he then goes for my hand & with his snout, that he uses like a tool , will burrow under my hand then with his head , try to toss or move it up to get under it hoping I’ll massage or rub or just pet him forever or until something catches his attention.

        His favorite place, on the back of our couch where I sit draped over my shoulders.

        DAMN this guy is so loveable , adorable and funny as hell. That said , make no mistake he is as tough and tenacious as any guard / protection dog there. My neighbor has a French Mastif , Bosco has been friends with her since she was a pup. She snuck up on Bosco & startled him , quicker than the snap of your fingers , Bosco had her on her back , and was at her throat till she submit. Mischa weighed over 75lbs Bosco is 3 and a hefty 13 lbs. Both my and my neighbors jaws dropped. Make no mistake , it will never be the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog..

        Rest assured they are still friends but Mischa doesn’t startle Bosco anymore !

  2. I recently adopted an 11week old Dachshund/sheltie mix. Your site has helped me tremendously. Louie was “digging” on my bed and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. Now I know 🙂 I am having the best time with this little guy.

  3. my dog-ter, teeya marie is 5 years old, she’s the love of my life,who came to me as a christmas present for my brother..But as most dog owners know, dogs pick their owners…she’s red doxie, and she loves to sleep in her own bed, and goes on car trips with me, (always) and even plane trips, she’s NEVER left my side, and i wouldnt even think of leaving hers..most say i ruined her, but i think she’s ruined me…(laughing) she gives me hugs when its just her and i alone, and when i cry, she licks my tears away, and ive never let her know i was crying, she just “knows” when i do, and she evades my personal space to comfort me in her way, she “digs” at me on my chest and blankets, and i think its her getting comfortable..i owned a black long-haired doxie years ago named shadow, and i thought he was as close to human as a dog can get, but Miss Teeya Marie, has her older brother beat. i would like to add that if it wasnt for teeya coming into my life, id still be depressed and lonely to this day.

    1. We have owned many different breeds, and I have to agree that the Dachshund is VERY personal and human like in their loving behaviors. It is very special. I never would have believed it or understood it until we got our own. Those of you who own a doxie (or they own you), you know EXACTLY what I mean… They are true companions.

  4. My Doxle Lily is a riot. She’s almost six months and is nicknamed Dora the Explorer, lol. She’s a digger(her bed, my bed, the couch) and can do some serious damage with that whipping tail. But my favorite moments are a tie between her crawling under the covers and sleeping behind my legs or if I’m on my stomach her climbing on my back and sleeping with her nose in the crook of my neck. Or even just laying on my head when I’m giving my phone/computer too much attention. I even have to stop now cause she’s started whining at me. . . Lol

  5. My 7 month old doxie is very terrotorial, she has the whole bathroom to herself, it’s an open bathroom, no doors, we have a see thru security gate, and she can see everything, at night time that’s where she sleeps, her bed, blanket, a few toys. And water are in there and a puppy pad, when she’s ready for bed she will walk to get gate and wait, when we put her to bed, she gets cranky if our sons dog comes near her gate, not sure why, she will growl and snap, she also does this if we’re on the bed having a snack and both dogs are up there with us, she will growl and snap, why is she like this…. Plz help

  6. My mini, TJ, likes to jump on the back of my chair to jump on my head and sit lol. I laugh, but it can be quite annoying at times. Especially if he does it ninja style and you don’t have time to prepare lol.

  7. Just got a mini doxie. Had him for a month. He’s 3 months old is a handful at times but he’s worth it. I’m learning all kinds of things about doxies. He loves to snuggle and lay around my neck.

  8. Can’t have too many dachshunds. We’ve 4 standards, 2 are rescues.

    Mad Max is the clown and goes his own way on walks but always keeps me in view. Goes blackberrying and also picks my raspberries and strawberries.

    Otto loves water and playing with his favourite ball in a nearby river.

    Jasper is obsessed with squirrels so much so that he’s on a lead during autumn/winter. He went hunting for 3 hours once. I gave up and went back to the car. Trotted out of the woods wondering why I was making a fuss. Luckily there’s a huge safe area without squirrels close by so he gets his kicks chasing a chuckit ball.

    Rollo is 7 months and has good recall but my goodness he’s noisy on walks yelling at other dogs.

    Yes they all sleep in bed with us. If we stay up there they are lined up by the bedroom door.

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