Do Dachshund’s Talk?


I swear that our mini-dachshund understands some of what we say, and occasionally tries to talk back at us! Yes, a talking dachshund!

Most of us dog-owners realize that dogs can surely identify our moods and behavior, and adjust their own behavior based on what they ‘feel’ from us. In other words, they are pretty good at sensing our mood, like, are we happy, sad, or angry…

Also, dogs can definitely learn ‘words’ and can be trained to respond a certain way depending on our commands. This isn’t much different from training small children. So, you wonder, how much of our vocabulary can they understand, and do they sometimes try to ‘talk’ back to us?

Sampson, will sometimes try to carry on a conversation with me. It’s pretty funny when I try and mimic his noises, which usually gets him even more excited. (I wonder what I’m saying back to him…)

He also will often start vocalizing when there are several people talking among themselves, as though he wants to get in on the conversation. It’s hilarious to listen to. In fact, if we don’t acknowledge his ‘speaking’, he will let out a yip to get someone’s attention, and then will carry on with his talking ‘noises’. It’s so funny. Maybe he’s not so humored when he sees everyone laughing at him though 😉

Dogs, including Dachshund’s, really enjoy human interaction and they love it when you talk to them. Spend some time talking to your dog, and you may be rewarded with him talking back to you.

I’ve noticed that Dachshund’s have a pretty short attention span, and will conversate with you on their terms, which may be just for a minute or two 🙂 So be ready…


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