With a Dachshund, you are not the master, LOL, instead it’s the other way around. Once a Dachshund has your heart (it takes about 1 second), you will be the one doing the bidding.

The ancestors of the Dachshund bred them to hunt quarry on their own. Because it’s part of their DNA, they are independent, resourceful, and adventurous.

Here’s some of the things a Dachshund does:

What Does A Dachshund Do?

A Dachshund will love you to death. They love their people family. They love to sit with you.

A Dachshund will follow it’s nose! It’s all about the nose. Always looking around for new scents, the Dachshund will hone in on scents while on the trail. Most always nose to the ground…

A Dachshund will not be swayed from its mission (while following his nose). Good luck calling or stopping him during this time.

A Dachshund makes it’s own decisions. They were bred to be self-directed. Therefore, they won’t ‘ask’ you what to do, but instead will assume they already know what to do.


A Dachshund can be tough and tenacious having been bred to face off against the badger.

A Dachshund will bark, and I mean bark. Surprisingly loud and enthusiastically. Again, part of the breeding while barking loudly (and for a long time) in an underground badger tunnel.

A Dachshund will squeeze into tight places and will be able to get through fairly small gaps in your fence.

A Dachshund is a problem solver. After you fix that fence gap, he will find another way 😉

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