The Longhaired Dachshund


Why do some Dachshunds have long hair?

No one knows for sure how the longhaired Dachshund came about. Though the longhair is a recessive gene to the short haired, occasionally, longhairs are produced from smooth coat (short haired) Dachshunds.

One popular theory is that the smooth Dachshunds or even some of their longhaired offspring were intentionally bred with various spaniels.

The longhaired Dachshund has an elegant, glistening coat.

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club),

“The sleek, luxurious coat, ‘is often slightly wavy hair is longer under the neck and on forechest, the underside of the body, the ears and behind the legs. The coat gives the dog an elegant appearance. Short hair on the ear is not desirable. Too profuse a coat which masks type, equally long hair over the whole body, a curly coat, or a pronounced parting on the back are faults. Tail-Carried gracefully in prolongation of the spine; the hair attains its greatest length here and forms a veritable flag.”

Of course, despite what the AKC says, your longhaired Dachshund is ‘just right’! 🙂

The long coat provided the Dachshund with more protection from the cold, which some hunters found desirable. However, their long coats, in wet weather, would get weighed down by water and mud. Sometimes they would get get stuck in thickets and brambles. Often times the long-coats were thought unsuitable for go-to-ground work so they were used as bird dogs.

You will not need to trim the coat of the longhair, but frequent brushing is necessary. You should brush them several times a week and bathe them at least once a month.

As with any dog that has long hair, you may want to trim their paws to reduce the amount of dirt they track in the house.

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