Dachshund vs. Wiener Dog: Everything you need to know about

By Muhammad Anas 2 Min Read

The main difference lies in terminology. Dachshund is the official breed name, recognized by kennel clubs worldwide. On the other hand, Wiener Dog is a colloquial term often used to affectionately refer to these elongated pups. So, whether you say “Dachshund” or “Wiener Dog,” everyone knows you’re talking about these charming little sausages1.


  • Official Breed Name: Dachshund
  • Classification: Hound
  • Recognized by Kennel Clubs Worldwide
  • Origin: Germany
  • Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
  • Size: Standard (8 to 9 inches)
  • Weight: 11 to 32 pounds
  • Colors: Various, including red, black, cream, and more
  • Traits: Alert, energetic, and loving
  • Ideal for: Singles, seniors, and families with older kids.

Wiener Dog:

  • Colloquial Term: Wiener Dog (or sometimes spelled “Weiner”)
  • Not Officially Recognized by Kennel Clubs
  • Origin: Same as Dachshund (Germany)
  • Lifespan: Similar (12 to 16 years)
  • Size: Varies (from Rabbit Dachshund to Miniature/Dwarf)
  • Weight: Smallest is the Rabbit Dachshund (7 to 7.5 pounds)
  • Colors: Same as Dachshunds
  • Traits: Friendly, courageous, and clever
  • Fun Fact: The name “Kaninchen” means rabbit in German, reflecting their purpose as burrow-hunting dogs.


While both terms refer to the same delightful breed, “Dachshund” is the official name recognized by kennel clubs worldwide, whereas “Wiener Dog” is a popular nickname. So whether you call them Dachshunds or Wiener Dogs, these little sausages are sure to steal your heart!

Remember, it’s all about the love they bring, no matter the name!

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