How much should my Dachshund weigh?

By Muhammad Anas 2 Min Read
How much should my Dachshund weigh?

A dachshund is bred and shown in two sizes, standard and miniature (mini). If you are wondering how many pounds your dachshund should weigh, here are some guidelines depending on whether yours is a standard or a mini-dachshund.

The healthy weight of a dachshund

Dachshunds are supposed to be long and lean, not long and fat – which is hard on their backs, their joints, and their hearts.

You can weigh your dachshund on any convenient scale and then monitor its weight from time to time. If doxie needs to lose some weight, just feed less—or, more importantly, stop feeding table scraps and too many treats between meals. Even though it’s very hard to resist the sweet eyes of a dachshund, if yours needs to lose weight, don’t give in!

Standard Dachshund Weight, 16 – 32 pounds

A full-grown standard dachshund averages 16 to 32 pounds.

Mini Dachshund Weight, 11 pounds and under

The miniature (mini) dachshund normally weighs less than 12 pounds. states that miniatures are not a separate classification but compete in a class division for “11 pounds and under at 12 months of age and older.”

According to kennel club standards, the miniature (mini) dachshund differs from the full-size only by size and weight, and therefore the offspring from miniature parents must never weigh more than the miniature standard to be considered a miniature as well.

What if my doxie is not a standard or a mini?

If your dachshund’s normal weight is between 12 and 15 pounds, you may have a “Tweenie,” as they are more commonly known.

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