Do Dachshunds Smell? Debunking the Myths and Providing Solutions

By Muhammad Anas 4 Min Read

Dachshunds, those adorable little wiener dogs, have captured the hearts of many dog lovers. But do they come with an unpleasant odor? Let’s dive into the world of Dachshund smells and explore the reasons behind any potential stinkiness.

The Truth About Dachshund Odor

While Dachshunds have gained a reputation for being smelly, the reality is quite different. These dogs are not inherently malodorous. Instead, their smell depends on factors like grooming, health, and diet. Here are some insights into why your Dachshund might smell and how to keep them fresh:

1. Long Overdue for a Bath

The most obvious reason your Dachshund might emit an unpleasant odor is simply that they’re overdue for a bath. Like any dog, Dachshunds need regular grooming. If your pup is giving off an unwelcome smell, it’s time for a good scrub-down with dog shampoo. Remember to rinse them thoroughly and dry them properly to avoid skin irritations and lingering smells.

2. Atopy: Allergic Reactions

Atopy refers to allergic reactions triggered by airborne allergens. Dachshunds, like other dogs, can suffer from atopy. When a dog has allergies, their skin becomes inflamed, leading to oil secretion and an unpleasant smell. If you notice excessive scratching alongside the odor, your Dachshund might be having an allergic reaction

3. Food-Related Smells

Sensitive stomachs can lead to gas attacks and unpleasant smells. Pay attention to your Dachshund’s diet. Some foods may cause more gas than others, contributing to their overall scent. High-quality dog food can help mitigate this issue

4. Skin Diseases and Infections

Skin infections or diseases can lead to foul odors. Regular grooming and proper hygiene are essential to prevent skin-related smells. If you suspect an infection, consult your veterinarian.

5. Poor Oral Hygiene

Bad breath can make any dog smell less than pleasant. Regular dental care, including brushing your Dachshund’s teeth, can help keep their breath fresh.

6. Dirty Bum

Keeping your Dachshund’s rear end clean is crucial. Regularly check and clean their anal area to prevent unwanted smells.

7. Anal Glands

Dachshunds, like many dogs, have anal glands that can become impacted or infected. If your dog scoots or shows discomfort, it’s time for a vet visit.

8. Puddle Baths

Avoid letting your Dachshund play in dirty puddles or stagnant water. These can lead to lingering smells. Rinse them thoroughly after any outdoor adventures.

9. Regular Brushing

Brushing your Dachshund’s coat helps remove loose hair and keeps their skin healthy. Regular grooming prevents matting and reduces odor.


In summary, Dachshunds are not inherently smelly dogs. With proper care, grooming, and attention to their health, you can keep your beloved wiener dog smelling fresh and delightful. So, embrace those long bodies and wagging tails without worrying about unpleasant odors!

Remember, a well-groomed Dachshund is a happy Dachshund!

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