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A Lazy Dog Dachshund Sunday


January 30, 2011

~ late morning, Sunday

Well, hello to everyone, Dachshund and human, who are tuning in today on this dreary, rainy Doxie Sunday here in the SF, California bay area. It’s me, Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund. I don’t know about you, but sometimes a lazy Dachshund Sunday is just what I need.

First of all, there is no sun for a lovable Dachshund to lay in and not much to look at out the window today. Most of the neighbors are staying inside due to the rain. This means not much for me to bark at either. I wonder if Old Man Fernando will be out for his walk around the cul-de-sac (he’s the Jack Russell terrier that lives next door). Perhaps he will come by for a Sunday visit.

This means I can let my guard down a little and have a bit of a relaxing mini Dachshund day. You humans have no idea how much work it is to protect my people, our home and our yard! It’s a Dachshund’s job 24/7!  Even when we are off duty, a Dachshund must be on alert and ready to go at moment’s notice.

I love to have a  relaxing Sunday when Mommy and I sit together while she has her coffee and we read the Sunday paper together.

Time to go for now. My Pop Pops just built a fire for me, so it’s time to get in some valuable Dachshund nap time. I love to be warm and snuggled by the fire. Catch you all later!


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