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Dachshund Discovers a Giant Wonder

~ afternoon

Hello everyone! It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini dachshund

As a mini Dachshund living here in California, I have the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful places. Just a few hours drive can bring you to the beach, the mountains or many other wonderful sites.

I was looking through some of my mini Dachshund photos and I thought I would share a place that took my Dachshund breath away.

Yosemite National Park!

Mommy and Pop Pops think it is very big, but let me tell you…it’s Doxie gigantic! It has giant mountains, giant rocks, giant waterfalls and a gigantic valley. You have to remember that I am only little so it was even bigger for me. Everything was so spectacular for these mini Dachshund eyes to behold. I saw things I’ve never seen before!

Dogs and their people come from all over the world to visit this natural wonder.

Giant Rocks

I saw what have to be the most giant rocks in the world. One of the giant rocks is called Half Dome. Here is a picture of me standing in front of the giant known as Half Dome. I know, I know, it looks like Half Dome is only as big as my head, but really it’s one of those Optical Dachshund Illusions!


Dachshund Lunch

After looking in awe at the various wonders of nature at this giant park, we decided to have lunch. We walked over a little concrete bridge about ten feet wide. To the left was a small wooded area surrounded by concrete pathways and on the right the wooded area resumed on the other side of the bridge.

Straight ahead was the gift shop. Tucked to the right hand side, against the wall of the gift shop, was a lovely outside cafe. We walked to the right, off of the bridge, and found an end table right next to the bridge.

Just as we were starting to eat (Mommy was giving me some of her chicken), the barbarian came….SQUIRREL!

The brazen little long-bodied Dachshund wanna be came right up to our table scavenging for food the little humans had dropped.

When I saw that he was only an inch away from Mommy’s foot, I sprung into action! I ran to the edge of my seat and growled from high atop my perch. The arrogant little ‘wild’ animal just stood up and looked at me while he nibbled on a french fry!


Mommy grabbed me tight for it was then that we noticed…

The Bear

Well, first we noticed the crowd on the other side of the bridge only about fifteen feet away. She picked me up and we all walked over to see why the small crowd had gathered.

My Dachshund eyes were so wide, they were as big as quarters, for there in front of me, about twenty feet away was a giant black bear! As I looked in awe from the safety of Mommy’s arms, I noticed the bear did not seem at all interested in the quiet crowd that had gathered atop the bridge to observe him.

He looked up at us, then back down, continuing to forage for food. As he walked away I thought how lucky I was, a little mini Dachshund to have beheld such a majestic creature. Surely he was one of the wonders of this giant park.


What a day! There was so much that we saw and it was all so exciting, that I was exhausted when we got to our suite. I got right on the couch to take a nap! Yosemite was one of my favorite places to visit, but I don’t think I would ever go hiking around by myself!


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  1. What an adventure! I am so glad that bear didn’t go anywhere near you! I would be so upset if anything happened to my Sampsaroo. <3

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