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Dachshund Enjoys an Evening of Running

March 28, 2011

~ afternoon

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the lovable mini Dachshund.

Saturday night we went to our friends house for dinner and ‘game night’. Can I just tell you that this mini Dachshund had the best time EVER! I mean, I seriously think I had the most fun I’ve ever had in my Dachshund life.

We went over to Robert and Carina’s new house. They just moved in a week ago. Two of the little humans were there, Trenton and Lance.

When they opened the front door, my Dachshund tail went crazy! I was so excited. I started running everywhere. All around the living room, carpet was everywhere! I love carpet because I can get some great traction on it without wiping out when I go around a corner.

There was an immense hallway, the best for running and chasing after the little humans. At least the hallway seemed immense to me, remember I am only a little mini Dachshund.

We ran down the hallway, around the corner, through the kitchen and back again. We must have done this for what seemed like hours. Round and round and round and round…..what fun!

And then…I saw the back yard. It was GIGANTIC (remember, it seemed that way to my little Dachshund eyes) and shaped like a rectangle.

Pop Pops, Trenton, Lance and myself were all out in the backyard when Pop Pops came up with the best idea. Races!!!

We lined up at one end of the rectangle yard, all four of us. I must admit that in the beginning I didn’t really understand what everyone was doing. Once the three of them took off running, I realized what game we were playing.

I kicked my Dachshund thrusters into high gear and off I went. I was at full speed flying across the yard, my ears flapping in the wind behind me. I won! I won!

After we all caught our breath it was time to run back to the other side. On-your-marks. Get-set. GO!

I was like a Greyhound chasing a rabbit. YES! Run, run, run! I won again! Ha, ha! Can I just tell you how awesome I am? I won EVERY race! Pop Pops was very proud at how fast I can run even with little legs. It’s as though I was riding on the wind, running with the grace of a gazelle.

Robert made a delicious tri-tip. I had some with my dinner. After dinner the little humans went to their toy room to play while the rest of us played cards.

I love to play cards. I use my keen Dachshund brain to outwit the other players. Though I played well, Mommy and Pop Pops were actually the winners.

It was getting late and all of that running around wore me out. I decided to nap during the last game.

When we got home, I fell asleep right away. I dreamed of winning races, running and nice juicy tri-tip. Till we meet again…


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