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Little Humans Love Mini Dachshund

February 23, 2011


Hello, it’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund!

Today I wanted to talk about the small people, you know, the ‘little humans’. As much as I love my two people, Mommy and Pop Pops, I do so love the little humans.They are a constant source of amusement for this mini Dachshund.

I think most mini Dachshunds love the little humans for many reasons. For one thing, they are not that much bigger than me, so it’s easier to play with the little humans. You can tackle them, jump on them and when you bark at them, they usually listen to you. If I break something while I am playing with them, I can usually stay out of trouble by quickly running towards Mommy or Pop Pops and looking at the little human as if to say “they did it.”

Generally speaking, they are not as smart as their big human counterparts, so it is easier to steal their toys! Little humans don’t usually run very fast (if they run at all), so I usually have the opportunity to hide their toys. Oh, I love to play that game!

But, best of all, they love to copy me. I mean they copy almost everything this mini Dachshund does. Mommy says that it is a way they learn things. So, I guess that makes this mini Dachshund a teacher (or an idol)!

For example, if I eat a strawberry, they eat a strawberry.

If I try to get out of the front door, they try to get out of the front door.

If it’s my bath time, it has to be their bath time.


If I……well, I think this one is self explanatory….


Oh, I do love them! Just an observation, but they seem to be well loved by the big humans too. 😀

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  1. I love my little humans too! They give me all of the attention I could ever want or need. They let me lick their hands for as long as I want, unlike the big humans who try to hide their hands from me. They are just swell, those little humans.

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