April 8, 2011

~ evening

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the lovable mini Dachshund.

Guess what? This adorable mini Dachshund met a new friend today! When Mommy said we were going on a ‘puppy play date’, I just tilted my head and looked at her with the utmost puppy curiosity. You see, this Dachshund has never been on a puppy play date, so I really didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“What’s a ‘puppy play date’?” I asked. She replied, “We are going to visit a friend of mine who has a small dog and I thought you might like to play with him. He is not a mini Dachshund puppy like you, but he is a small terrier and he loves to play.”

That sounded like fun I thought. I love to play. I started to get excited until I saw Mommy get my harness and my leash. Uh, oh….we’re not going in the car! Mommy and Pop Pops have put that harness and leash thing on me a few times before. They would take me out of my yard which is my Dachshund comfort zone. And I didn’t understand what they wanted me to do, so I would just stand there or lay down on the sidewalk.

I would get so scared. The last time I had my leash on, I went to the place where they give needles. But I was very excited about meeting a new play friend so I was determined to do this.

When the front door was opened, Trenton, the little human, started squealing with delight and trotting down the sidewalk. The fact that he wasn’t scared gave this little Dachshund a shot of courage. “Hey, wait for me!”  I yelled.

I ran after Trenton and Mommy was right behind me holding my leash so I would not get lost or separated from her. I know because I kept looking back to make sure she was still there. So that’s what the leash is for! Trenton was keeping a good trot going and I felt I had to keep up. I was yelling and laughing at the same time. “Wait for me! Wait for me! I can run faster than you!”

In a short time we had reached our destination.

Our knock on the door was answered by the terrier. To my surprise he was no puppy, he was an old man. “Hello, my name is Franklin. Welcome!” he said. “Hi”, I said, “my name is Sampson.”  He certainly had a lot of energy. He invited me in, we exchanged the customary greeting of sniffing and next thing you know we were running around together as Mom sat and talked with her friend.

I soon realized that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t a puppy. He was so nice and we had a lot of fun. With excitement he exclaimed, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”  He quickly returned with the biggest toy dog I have ever seen. It was bigger than both us! “Come on Sampson!” he said. We both jumped on the giant toy, wrestling, growling and rolling around. What fun! And I thought Girlie Girl and Night Night bear were big!

Soon it was time to leave. Franklin and I said good-bye and I promised I would be back to visit soon. Mommy made the same promise to her friend. Off went, Trenton and I trotting the whole way home.

“Thank you for taking me on a ‘puppy play date’ Mommy. I had such fun with Franklin” I said. She told me that she was so glad that I had a good time and that I enjoyed the walk too.

Trenton and I quickly fell asleep on the couch together…




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