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Mini Dachshund Lives in a Land of Giants

February 3, 2011

~ afternoon, Thursday

Hello to all you Dachshund fans.  It’s me again,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund.

Today I wanted to tell you a little more about where I live. It’s a lovely Dachshund home and so large!  Why, it’s the size of a national park.  At least that’s the way it looks to my mini Dachshund eyes.  Come to think of it,  just about everything seems really big to me.

Baby Giants


Take my people, for example, they are so tall, I think they are really giants!  The only human that I’ve met who isn’t of the giants is the one they called ‘Caden’.

He was more my size and fun to chase around.  When he first visited here, he would crawl around, so he was right at my level. I could even knock him over!  By the time he left, he was walking around like the others.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to grow up to be one of the giants like the rest of them.

Giant Furniture


Here’s another thing that is just too big….all of the furniture!  Now that I am a big boy, a year and a half old (that’s 11 in ‘people’ years), I can get on the couch by myself.  Otherwise, I can’t get on any of the furniture by myself.  Why is it all so high up?

This means whenever I want to get on a chair or the bed, I need one of the giants to pick me up.  Oh, wait a minute, I get it….that’s why we Dachshunds have people!  I just wish they spoke Dachshund.

Sometimes it’s so frustrating trying to communicate my needs to them everyday.  For example, if I want to sit on the chair, I go over to their leg, jump up and tell them.  For some reason, sometimes they think I want to be held instead, or pet on the head.  HELLO, I want to sit on the chair!  So, I fidget and tell them again.  Finally, they put me on the chair.  The wrong chair.  I wanted to sit in the chair that’s in the sun.  Here we go again! Learn how to speak Dachshund!

Giant People


Let’s just call them what they are…giants!  I am constantly having to get them to pick me up so I can be held at eye level.  Do they have any idea how rude it is to leave me down here by myself?

And when they have other giants come over, they are all so rude, leaving me on the floor, it’s like they’re talking ‘above’ me!  After joining the conversation myself, sometimes obnoxiously, they finally pick me up so I can sit at eye level and the enjoy the company too.

In summary,
being a mini Dachshund in a giants world, is a lot of work!

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