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Mini Dachshund to Make New Friends

April 25, 2011

~ afternoon

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the mini Dachshund.

The other day, we went over to Maria’s house and visited. She is one of Mommy’s friends. One of my new friends lives there too. His name is Franklin and he is a terrier.  He is becoming a close friend to this little Dachshund. You may have read about him in one of my other Dachshund diary posts. He is much older than I am. He is old like my friend old Man Fernando who lives next door.

When I first met my new friend Franklin, I was kind of scared. I am always kind of scared and apprehensive when I meet a new friend. I know, ‘apprehensive’, that’s a big word. When I asked Mommy what that word means, she said it kind of means the same thing as ‘shy’. So, you see, this mini Dachshund is a little scared and shy when I meet a new dog friend. And humans too, for that matter. She says it is completely normal to feel this way.

When I first saw Franklin I did not want to be on the floor with him. He was moving so fast, running and jumping, and it was scaring me. I only wanted to hide in Mommy’s arms. She said he was jumping at me because he was excited to meet me and just he just wanted to be my friend. It was just his way of saying hello. Since there are so many types of dogs (and humans), everyone has different ways of saying hello. Some new friends you may meet might be even more shy than you!

“But my stomach hurts when I have to meet a new friend”, I told her. She said that my stomach wasn’t really hurting, it’s something called ‘butterflies’. “It’s when you feel nervous, your stomach gets butterflies” she told me. When you realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, your butterflies go away, out of your little Dachshund tummy.

After a few minutes, with some encouragement from Mommy, I calmed down, went on the floor and began to make friends with Franklin. After that, we got along splendidly!

Mommy told me that I might be meeting one of my face book friends soon. His name is Theodore and he doesn’t live very far away. “But I will be scared.”, I said.

“Don’t worry” she said. “Theodore is a rescue dog, so he is very shy.”

When I asked her what a rescue dog was, she said that it was a story for another day. So when she tells me, I will be sure to share it with all of you.

If I am a shy mini Dachshund and Theodore is shy, I wonder what will happen…


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  1. I thought butterflies were those pretty colorful things that fly around outside? How did you get them in your stomach? Did you eat one of them????

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