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Sampson the Dachshund Hears Thunder


March 20, 2011

~ evening

Hello everyone! It’s me,
Sampson, the lovable mini Dachshund.

WOW! What a weekend this mini Dachshund just experienced! Some of you may remember that about a month ago I wrote about my first experience with hail.   Well, I saw hail again this weekend and so much more of it than I did the first time.

When Mommy took me outside to go potty, she told me that we were going to get two big rain storms this weekend. ‘I better go potty now’, I thought. ‘I hate having to go out when it’s raining.’

After dinner, we were all on the couch watching TV, when all of a sudden, I heard it….KA-BOOM!

I popped my head up high, stretching my already long Dachshund neck to almost twice it’s length. “Whoa!”, Mommy and Pop Pops said.

Not sure what to make of that loud noise, I looked at Pop Pops, my Dachshund ears on alert, “What was that Pops?” I asked.

“That’s thunder Sampson. You’ve never heard that before, have you? he replied. “No, I haven’t.”  KA-BOOM! There it was again, more thunder. “Oh no, I don’t think I like thunder!”

Just then, both of my people pet me to reassure me and they actually seemed excited about the thunder. I wasn’t afraid anymore. Pops lowered the TV volume so we could hear better. KA-BOOM! More thunder! I began to get excited about the thunder like Mommy and Pop Pops.”Yeah Sampson, it’s thunder.”, they said.

You see, they are from the Northeast, and here in the California Bay area, thunder is rare. So this was exciting for us to see the sky light up as if it was daylight. Shortly after the ‘instant’ daylight came and went, then the thunder would come again as the rain pounded the roof.

Then you could hear it,… the quiet. They went by the door, sat down and waited. I sat with them. A few minutes later, it started again, the daylight (Mommy called it ‘lightning’), the thunder and this time instead of rain, it was hail again!

Pops opened the door so he could get video of the hail .
(here is the video)
It was so loud, my Dachshund ears were constantly perked up at attention. As Pops was filming, Mommy held her hand out and caught some of this hail stuff. I wasn’t afraid so I quickly stuck my head out of the door and  then came right back.

Ha! Ha! This was FUN! Mommy and I laughed. The hail was the size of ‘peas’ she said (whatever a pea is). She stuck her arm out again and caught some more.

I was so lost in the fun, overcome with the excitement, I couldn’t contain myself! I ran out the door about 3 feet, leaving paw prints in the half inch of hail already on the ground, turned around and came back in!

I ran in circles, wagging my tail. This was fun, fun fun!

Hey, wait a minute…..hail is cold on your feet! Did you know that?

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