sampson's dachshund diary

Sampson the Dachshund Visits with Ducks


March 31, 2011

~ afternoon

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the lovable mini Dachshund.

The other day, the weather was so nice, I decided to spend a nice mini Dachshund day in my back yard. So, I’m out in the yard, minding my own Dachshund business, working on my Dachshund tan, when all of a sudden……SPLASH! SPLASH! The noise was so loud it really startled me as I was almost napping.

I looked in the direction of the pool where Mommy was looking. My keen Dachshund eyes spotted two creatures I had never seen before. They were swimming, well, no, it was really more like floating on top of the water. They were very graceful. I didn’t detect any fear in my Mommy so I did not sound the Dachshund alarm (barking). “What are they Mommy?” I whispered.

“Those are ducks Little One”, she said. “I think they want to be your friends.”

I trotted over to the pool as the ducks just swam all around as though they owned it. The ducks really seemed to be enjoying themselves. “Hi, my name is Sampson”, I said.

“My name is Dante Duck and this is my wife, Dora Duck. Pleased to meet you.” he said. “Your pool looked so inviting as we ducks were flying overhead, we thought we’d drop in for a swim. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No. Not at all.” I said. “Do you like to play? I am a mini dachshund and we love to play games.”

“Yes.” Dante Duck said, “Let’s race!”

The two ducks started to swim quickly toward the other end of the pool. I trotted after them but by the time I reached them, they had turned around and started to swim back to the other end.  We did this quite a few times until finally I said “I give up! You win. You ducks sure can swim fast.”

The ducks swam in the pool and the hot tub for about forty five minutes. Maybe I can go swimming with the ducks when I learn how to swim. I tried a few times, but I am kind of afraid. Maybe next time!

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