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The Dachshund and the Goat


May 4, 2011

~ evening

Hi there! It’s me,
Sampson the mini Dachshund.

This mini Dachshund had such a strange encounter today that I wanted to tell you all about the experience. I am amazed at the different things I see and learn as I grow from a Dachshund pup into a grown up Dachshund.

Mommy, my friend Trenton (the little human), and I were all running some errands in car. We had just driven out of the neighborhood onto the main road, when there ‘they’ were, hundreds of them!

Trenton and I were getting very excited as we had never seen such a sight. “Mommy! What are those?” My little Dachshund paws were as high as they could go on the windowsill and my Dachshund neck was stretched as high as it could go, all to get a better look at the creatures.

Trenton yelled, “Aunt Lauren, Aunt Lauren! What are those?” He turned as far as he could in his booster seat to get a better look.

She laughed a little saying, “Well, why don’t I park the car and we can walk over and look at them?” I thought as long as we were with her we would be safe. She parked the car and we got out.

“What are they?” I asked. She said that they are called ‘goats’. Goats sure are big, I thought as we walked closer. And there were so many. They must have been about 3 or 4 feet tall. They had fur but it was not brushed to be smooth and shiny like my Dachshund fur.

Yup, the goats all definitely need to be brushed I thought. We walked up the fence and I said hello. “Why are you all so busy eating grass?” I asked.

Maaahhhhh, the goat replied which means hello. “My name is Myron.” the goat said. It was his job to eat the grass. “Your job?” I asked. I wondered what kind of a job it was to just eat grass all day. “My job is to patrol the perimeter of the yard and act as the protector for my humans. I think mine is far more important than just eating grass.” I told the goat.

“I beg to differ.” the goat said. “You see, we goats eat the grass as part of a ‘brush reduction’ effort. Goats eat a lot of brush so it will no longer be there to possibly catch on fire. After all, there are a lot of fires in California. By helping to prevent fires, we goats may actually be saving homes or even lives.”

“WOW!” I exclaimed, “that is very important after all. I had no idea. Your job is far more important than mine.”

The goat replied, “Your job is very important too. You are the sole protector of your humans and that is important. We all have our jobs and they are all important in their own way.”

I bid farewell to my new found friend, realizing that I had learned a lot from the goat. We are all important in our own way!

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