sampson's dachshund diary

The Mini Dachshund and the Fly

May 18, 2011

~ mid morning

Hello Everyone! It’s me,
Sampson the lovable mini Dachshund.

He’s back. That annoying fly. I cannot even begin to tell you how he taunted me for most of the day yesterday.

Everyone knows that Dachshunds love to play with bugs. It’s part of my job. I patrol the perimeter of the yard and keep out cats, squirrels and raccoons. It’s also part of a Dachshund’s job to keep bugs out of the house. The kind of bugs that crawl, spiders and bees and yes, the Fly.

Yesterday, like any other day, I was sitting on my window seat, enjoying the sun when he started. The Fly was taunting me for no reason. He would buzz right by my head and then land on the window pane above my head, just out of reach. My instincts kicked in,…’No flies in the house!’ I thought. I had to get him. I spent the afternoon, ever vigilant, on my window seat, never losing site of the fly as he remained always out of reach.

I kept my Dachshund eyes on the fly until Mommy came and got me for dinner. If he is still around tomorrow, I’ll get him.

This morning this little mini Dachshund couldn’t even enjoy his morning routine. I was sitting on my window seat, sporting my brown and tan Dachshund jammies while Mommy was having her coffee.

Suddenly, there was the fly! I don’t even know where it came from. The fly was up on the higher window pane where I couldn’t reach him. Then he flew down, somewhere below the table. Then back up, then down, then to the left….jeez! He was buzzing around so fast I couldn’t keep up with him. I think I was getting Dachshund dizzy.

“Ha, ha”..Mommy chuckled. “Sampson you are determined to get that fly, aren’t you?” I looked right at her and whined, as if to say, aren’t you going to help?

She must have read my Dachshund mind. Just then, she got up, opened the front door and he flew away.

The End


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  1. Could you look anymore adorable in those pajamas???? You are such a great watch dog!! Your parents are VERY lucky!

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