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Sampson the Dachshund and the Power Outage

Sampson says:

Be thankful!

Last night taught me to be very thankful for the power that runs all of the electrical devices here in my mini Dachshund home. Being an adorable mini Dachshund, I don’t usually give a thought to the running of lights or the stove. I am usually occupied thinking about guarding the house, treats, and things of that nature.

The power was out from 8:30am to 11:30 pm! “How does a power outage affect a mini Dachshund?” you may ask. Well, for one thing, I didn’t get any browned ground turkey with my breakfast since the stove would not work. I know, you’re thinking I’m spoiled, but the fact is, it was an inconvenience.

I had some for dinner though because Mommy browned some on the camp stove when she cooked her dinner. And Pop Pops had plugged the refrigerator into the solar panel batteries!

Try going potty outside in the complete darkness! Mommy came out there with a flashlight, but I was NOT having it, I turned around and went right back inside! I had no idea how dark it was in my backyard when the lights don’t come on.

Of course, I couldn’t watch TV either. I usually sit on the couch in between Mommy and Pop Pops and watch TV, but all I could do was hang out…boring!

I am so thankful for electricity making my Dachshund life easier!

Here is the work crew replacing a transformer on a telephone pole near my house:

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