Why Do Dachshunds Howl?

By Zain Liaquat 2 Min Read

Dachshunds, those charming little sausages with legs, are known for their spirited barks and lively personalities. 

But did you know that they also have a penchant for howling? Let’s explore the reasons behind this melodious behavior and how you can manage it.

Basic Instincts

Dachshunds share genes with their wild ancestors, wolves. In the wild, wolf packs use howling to guide each other during hunts and to express devotion to their family.

Your doxie might howl when you’re away, acting as a beacon to guide you back home. However, excessive howling due to separation anxiety can be problematic.

Consider desensitization and counterconditioning techniques to ease their anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

If your neighbors complain about your doxie’s howling while you’re out, it’s likely separation anxiety. Combat this by leaving them with toys or comforting items.

Gradually desensitize them to your departure cues (like putting on shoes) to reduce anxiety.

Seeking Attention

Dachshunds are masters of emotional manipulation. Sometimes, their howling is a clever ploy to grab your attention. They howl, you rush to their aid, and they wag their tails mission accomplished!

Spend quality time with your furry friend to curb attention-seeking behavior.

Remember, occasional howling is normal and even endearing. So embrace the musical side of your dachshund they’re just singing along with you! 

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