Why Do Dachshunds Lick So Much? Reveal the Canine Mystery

By Muhammad Anas 4 Min Read
Why Do Dachshunds Lick So Much?

Dachshunds, those charming little sausage-shaped dogs, have a penchant for licking that can leave their owners both amused and perplexed. But why do these adorable pups engage in such enthusiastic licking? Let’s delve into the world of dachshund behavior and explore the reasons behind their slobbery tendencies.

Why Do Dachshunds Lick So Much
Why Do Dachshunds Lick So Much?

1. Affection and/or Submission

Dachshunds wear their hearts on their furry sleeves. Their excessive licking often stems from pure love and affection. When a dachshund chooses you as their favorite human, expect a barrage of wet kisses upon your return home. If you’re not a fan of this slobbery display, consider gentle training to curb the behavior.

2. Attention-seeking And Boredom

Dachshunds thrive on companionship, even if you’re away during the day. They may lick to seek attention or combat boredom. Remember, these little dogs need mental stimulation and playtime, not just physical exercise. Ignoring them after a licking episode sends a clear message that their strategy isn’t effective.

3. Stress And Fear

Licking can be a coping mechanism during anxious moments. Whether it’s separation anxiety, loud noises, or new situations, dachshunds turn to lick for comfort. Identifying the source of stress and addressing it is crucial.

4. Lack Of Mental Stimulation And Exercise

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, regardless of size. Dachshunds may be small, but they still require playtime and mental engagement. Don’t assume their toy collection covers all their needs—they crave interaction and mental challenges.

5. Stomach Upset And Nausea

When feeling nauseated, dogs tend to lick excessively. If your dachshund suddenly becomes a floor-licking connoisseur, consider consulting your vet. It could be an early sign of stomach discomfort.

6. Allergies And Skin Conditions

Uncomfortable skin conditions or allergies can drive dachshunds to lick themselves obsessively. If you notice excessive licking, investigate potential skin irritations or allergies.

7. Parasites

Sometimes, those tiny pests—like fleas or ticks—irritate your dachshund’s skin, prompting them to lick. Regular parasite prevention is essential.

8. Cognitive Dysfunction

As dachshunds age, cognitive dysfunction (similar to dementia) can set in. Licking might be a manifestation of confusion or anxiety. Consult your vet if you suspect cognitive issues.

Do Dachshunds Lick Out of Some Old Hunting Instinct?

While dachshunds were originally bred for hunting, their licking behavior isn’t directly tied to their ancestral instincts. Instead, it’s a blend of affection, boredom, and emotional responses.

Do Dachshunds Lick More Compared to Other Dog Breeds?

Dachshunds don’t hold the monopoly on licking, but their expressive personalities make their slobbery antics more noticeable. Other breeds also engage in licking, but each dog has its unique style.

So, Why Does My Dachshund Lick Everything, and Should I Be Worried?

Understanding the underlying cause of your dachshund’s licking is the first step toward addressing it. Whether it’s love, boredom, or a tummy ache, observe your furry friend closely and seek professional advice if needed. Remember, a dachshund’s kisses are their way of saying, “You’re my favorite hooman!”

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