It's All About The Dachshund

How Far Can A Dog See?

(image: Crusoe the ‘celebrity dachshund’)

A dog can see at 20 feet what a normal human can see clearly at 80 feet. In other words, the vision acuity (focus, sharpness) for a dog is worse than that of a human. An object that we can see clearly may appear to be blurred to a dog looking at it from the same distance.

Most all dogs, including the dachshund, have about 20:80 vision.

But they can ‘see’ better than us in other ways:

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Cozy Cave: The Best Pet Bed For My Dachshund


The best pet bed (dachshund bed) is a subjective thing, and a matter of opinion by the dachshund himself, but this ‘Cozy Cave’ (Cozy Cave Pet Bed) is now Sampson’s favorite bed to curl up inside!

If you have a dachshund in the house, you know how they absolutely love to curl up inside a nice warm place. They love to burrow underneath a blanket or other such warm and snugly place. And that’s why this pet bed is perfect.

We found this Cozy Cave bed online and couldn’t resist showing you how much Sampson loves it. Here are a few tips about this bed if you decide to get one for your own dachshund:
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How Much Should My Dachshund Weigh?


A dachshund is bred and shown in two sizes, standard and miniature (mini). If you are wondering how many pounds your dachshund should weigh, here are some guidelines depending on if yours is a standard or a mini-dachshund.

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Do All Dachshund’s Have Bad Backs?


Back problems are without a doubt the number-one health problem of the Dachshund.

Unfortunately, 25% of all Dachshund’s will develop a ‘bad back’ – or back problems in their lifetime.

Here’s why, and here’s what you can do:

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The Dachshund Mind


With a Dachshund, you are not the master. Instead, it’s the other way around. Once a Dachshund has your heart (it takes about 1 second), you will be the one doing the bidding 😉

The ancestors of the Dachshund bred them to hunt quarry on their own. Because it’s part of their DNA, they are independent, resourceful, and adventurous.

Here’s some of the things a Dachshund does:

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